Strong Quality Air Springs for Commercial Vehicles

Rolling Lobe Air Springs

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Improved vehicle and hauling stability.

Common Air Springs Applications:

Truck, trailer and bus


  • Improved vehicle and hauling stability supports driver safety​
  • Isolate vibration transfer through the vehicle’s body structure, increasing comfort for the driver and passenger​
  • Best comfort for passengers by tilting and lowering the vehicle to the optimal height​
  • Better clearance, loading and unloading through vehicle height leveling​
  • Equalized trailer load for cargo safety​
  • Enhanced vehicle lifetime through fewer failures of expensive onboard equipment​
  • Easy mounting and dismantling of plates and pistons 
  • Rolling Lobe Air Springs with both beads in conical shape can be easily mounted to the plates and pistons which are produced with an appropriate diameter and conical structure. Dismantling is easily done in just a few steps.
  • Cylindrical Air Springs can be attached symmetrically in both directions. Exception: Air Springs types which are produced with
    4-6 layers of cord fabric.