Production Expertise

blacktech Air Springs – Designed Strong and Durable

Strong Quality Air Springs Need Strong Production Processes

Count on our reliable production process expertise. We are living a culture of continuous improvement as we develop and adapt production methods to further shorten manufacturing times and make products more cost-efficient. The framework for our operational excellence is our Vibracoustic Production System.

We implemented the full production value chain under one roof, including our unique in-house testing facilities and our own rubber mixing facility. We have a production plant in Bursa, Turkey and distribution centers in Nyíregyháza, Hungary and Yantai, China to serve the Commercial Vehicle industry on a global scale.

We fulfill our customers’ expectations in quality, efficiency, and reliability.


Vulcanization is based on the chemical reaction of rubber with temperature and is the prerequisite to give rubber its required vibration control performance characteristics – mainly stiffness and damping. The most important factor for a desired result is the perfect combination of temperature, pressure and time.

Our in-house rubber production and our automated vulcanization via Manufacturing Execution System (MES) secure a consistent and strong rubber quality, ensuring high resistance to temperature and ozone.


Calendering is a mechanical process used to manufacture uniform and durable layers made of rubber and fabrics. Raw materials are forced through a series of aligned cylindrical rolls that determine the thickness and mechanical properties of the finished Air Spring. Both materials are smoothened and commingled. Calendering additionally increases the strength of rubber by compressing it and make it more durable. Calendering additionally increases the strength of rubber by compressing it and make it more durable.

Our in-house calendering machinery equipment secures a uniform thickness of the rubber layers, our Air Spring bellows are made of. Bellows are the heart of every Air Spring that need to be manufactured with maximum accuracy.


We follow an assembly concept in one assembly line, which leads to reduced lead time and cost-efficient products.