Strong Quality Air Springs for Commercial Vehicles

Complete & Service Assembly Air Springs

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Provide equal suspension performance.

Common Air Springs Applications:

Truck, trailer, especially for heavy load​


  • Preserve the vehicle balance​
  • Provide equal suspension performance under all kinds of load and road surface conditions​
  • Improved vehicle and hauling stability supports driver safety​
  • Better clearance, loading and unloading through vehicle height leveling​
  • Equalized trailer load for cargo safety​
  • Enhanced vehicle lifetime through fewer failures of expensive onboard equipment​
  • Loading capacity up to 5 tons​
  • Operation height up to 800 mm
  • The top crimping plate provides the fitting of the Complete & Service Assembly Air Spring to the chassis. Attachment to the piston on the axle connection point is implemented by a bottom plate vulcanized into the Air Spring bellow or individual bottom clamping plate combined with the rubber body.
  • Complete & Service Assembly Air Springs are produced as cylindrical or conical form. Compared to the Rolling Lobe Air Springs (Air Springs without top plate), they are particularly suitable for heavy load transportation. ​